Landis+Gyr ZMG405(E550) CT Connected Demand Meter

Landis+Gyr ZMG405 CT connected demand meter. With standard terminal cover. GMS/GPRS modem in terminal cover optional.

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In a quickly growing market, energy suppliers are facing a major challenge:. They must guarantee high network quality to protect income losses caused by manipulation at the metering point, and although this is expensive, it is key to their success. To meet this specific demand, Landis+Gyr has developed the E550 series.

Up to twelve measurement quantities (of any energy and quadrant) can be used simultaneously to calculate energy and demand values. They deliver the basis for the calculation of energy registration and network quality values. The memory registers consumption, demand, maximum values and previous values as well as two load profiles and events for a maximum of 512 days. Up to 48 tariffs can be switched externally or by an internal clock.

Communications – ready for the future

We have a comprehensive range of possible communications interfaces on offer (CS, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, optical). The selected transfer protocol (IEC, DLMS) is automatically recognized; the high transfer rate of up to 38,400 bps keeps communication costs low. Outages can be reported over the mobile telephone network using the SMS function.

Additionally, with the new support of the E55C modem portfolio, we offer a versatile tool for automatic meter reading applications, using 2G or 3G mobile networks. The optional communication modem is placed under the terminal cover and is directly powered by the meter.

Security of supply quality

The E550 series continuously monitors network and power quality. Event information such as voltage drops or exceeding a predefined value can be read out over various interfaces. Events which have been declared as important can trigger an output contact directly.

Protection from loss of revenue

Both hardware and software contain advanced functions for fraud detection. The E550 meter is resistant to external magnetic fields, and manipulation attempts. Additionally, access to the read out process can be protected by limiting the number of incorrect passwords.


This meter must be programmed for the correct CT ratio before installation.

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