Consumer Protection Act and Policies

As a quality South African brand, MobiPower prides their business on adhering to all policies and regulations, including the CPA (Consumer Protection Act). This Act aims to provide the individual consumer with certain rights and protection. MobiPower is committed to operating our business in terms of the Consumer Protection Act and all policies are subject to the applicable law. MobiPower commits and aims to uphold the principles of the Act in all of our dealings with you, whether it is through the marketing of the product, the actual sale of the product or after-sale support and service.

MobiPower supports the following customer rights


All of our products are accompanied with instructional material. Our products state should a product or accessory be hazardous to your health or could cause you harm when applied in it’s intended use.

This information will be found in the packaging, where you will also find adequate instructions on how to use the goods.

Since MobiPower deals with electronic and electrical products it must always be expected that a product can cause an electrical shock if handled or installed incorrectly.

Good Quality:

All of the MobiPower products carry a limited 15 working days money back guarantee. For more detail on guarantees and returns, please phone us +27 11 8698795


MobiPower will always provide you adequate information of our products.

All of our instructional material has been written in a simple and effective cohesive manner and is not in any way intentionally meant to be misleading.


MobiPower offers you a variety of quality products and you are not obligated to buy.

Queries and Complaints:

As a consumer you have various options to address any comment, suggestion or complaint with us. All queries are addressed in a professional, fair and respectful manner. Contact us at