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Kamstrup OMNIPOWER® Three Phase CT connect Smart Meter (non VT)

OMNIPOWER® three phase CT connect smart meter. RF communications, Accuracy Class 0.5 measruing 4 quadrants, fitted with Battery & Supercap.

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OMNIPOWER CT is a 3-phased current transformer electricity meter for registration of electric energy. The meter is fully electronic without movable parts. Thus, energy registration is not affected by shock or impact during transport and mounting. Furthermore, measurements are correct no matter the physical mounting direction. Energy is determined by simultaneously measuring voltage and current. The current is measured via current transformers. The easily readable display scrolls automatically between readings, or readings can be changed manually by activating the left push button. The required display readings as well as their order are configurable. In addition to being read from the display, data can be collected via Radio Mesh network, optical output or from the module area. The unique module area also permits external changing of tariffs, pulse inputs and outputs, and configuration as well as a wide range of communication media. A Consumer Communication Channel is available for data exchange with Smart Home products. From the factory, the meter can be configured to measure both imported and exported energy. The meter makes accurate measurements whether it measures 1, 2 or 3 phases. Measurements are saved in a permanent memory. As default, the OMNIPOWER CT meter can generate load profiles in all four quadrants. A load profile provides detailed information about consumed and produced energy. An additional logger with 16 channels contains data for analysis purposes. The OMNIPOWER CT meter is also designed to support extended analysis of the main grid using measurements of THD (voltage), Power Factor, Voltage unbalance, Voltage variations and sags and swells. In order to minimise the manual configuration during installation, the meter is preconfigured from the factory. Furthermore, the meter can be reconfigured via a Smart Metering system.

Measuring principle

  • Current Single-phased current measurements via current transformer
  • Voltage Single-phased voltage measurements by voltage divider

Nominal voltage Un

  • 3 x 230/400 VAC -20 % – +15 %

Current: Xs ( Imin– In (Imax))

  • 5A – * 0,05 – 5(6) A)

Accuracy class

  • Class 0,5 (IEC) / Class C (MID)
  • Reactive energy: class 2 (IEC)

Nominal frequency: fn 50 Hz ± 5 % or 60 Hz ± 5 %

Phase displacement:  Unlimited

Operating temperature:  -40 °C – +70 °C

Storage temperature:  -40 °C – +85 °C

Protection class:  IP54

Protection class II

Relative humidity

  • < 75 % year’s average at 21 °C
  • < 95 % less than 30 days/year, at 25 °C

Weight: 900g with breaker

Application area Indoors or outdoors in suitable meter cabinet

Internal consumption:

  • Maximum power consumption of the current circuits with basic current: 02 VA  VA
  • Maximum power consumption of the voltage circuits: 2 VA 0.1 W

Materials: Glass reinforced polycarbonate

Data storage:  EEPROM, > 10 years without voltage


  • LCD, 7 mm digit height (value field)
  • LCD, 5 mm digit height (identification readings)
  • LCD, 3 mm digit height (voltage and tariff readings)

Meter constant: 10000 imp/kWh

S0 pulse diode:

  • 10000 imp/kWh, kvarh
  • Pulse time: 30 ms ± 10 %

S0 pulse output:

  • 1000 imp/kWh
  • Pulse time: 30 ms ± 10 %

Real Time Clock (RTC) Accuracy: Typically 5 ppm at 23 °C

Backup Battery life > 10 years at normal operation

Supercap life > 10 years at normal operation

Supercap operating time 7 days fully charged