Landis+Gyr CU-E22 10BaseT Ethenet Module for E650/ZMD Meters

CU-E22 10BaseT Ethenet Module for E650/ZMD Meters. Supports ethernet, RS485 and CS communications.
Usable with CU power adaptor.

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The communication unit CU-E22 can be fitted and removed in the following

Landis+Gyr meters without opening the calibration seal:

• Landis+Gyr Dialog ZxD300/400xT industrial and commercial meters

• Landis+Gyr Qualigrid ZxQ high-precision meters

Inserted in a CU adapter CU-ADP1 the communication unit CU-E21 or CU-E22 can also be used with other meters (e.g. Landis+Gyr Dialog ZxD300/400xR, ZMD100AR, ZxB or meters from other manufacturers).

Connection to the meter is made in this case via an interface in the communication unit (CS, RS232 or RS485).